The duo are no strangers to the extremes. Ray has run over 14,000km across the world's deserts, including 7500km (4500 miles) across the Sahara, 2,000km/1200miles across the Gobi Desert in Mongolia. He has also trekked unsupported to the South Pole, and completed multiple unsupported expeditions in the Canadian Arctic and beyond. Stefano has completed numerous Arctic expeditions with Ray, and is an elite ultra runner. The duo recently teamed up to successfully run 1,850km across the Namib Desert (www.transnamibia.com).


Schools!!! Join the adventure! The Trans Kamchatka Expedition will not only be a strenuous physical challenge, but will involve tremendous logistical difficulties as the team navigates frozen rivers, mountain passes and volcano caldera. And we need YOU, our teammates! As with all of Ray's past expeditions, Ray and Stefano will be shooting content and uploading to a live website and social media outlets. Classrooms will be able to ask questions, and the team will answer from the expedition! As well, live tracking will keep students- and everyone following along- with real time tracking of the teams progress. Special content specifically created for schools will be available for free download following the expedition.


A professional media crew will also film and photograph the stories of the people living in Kamchatka, while they wait for Ray and Stefano to finish! Our crew gets around! The media team is a combination of talented photographers and videographers whose work has been seen in National Geographic, Discovery Channel and Hollywood films.


Follow the Expedition in Real Time

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The Kamchatka River and the surrounding valley are flanked by massive volcanic belts that include 160 volcanoes! The extreme weather, the heavy snow, and the high density of volcanoes has resulted in its' description as the land of fire and ice. Mountains are covered in ice and snow in winter months, active volcanoes dotting the landscape offset by frozen barrens make this one of the most unique and dynamic landscapes on Earth. Six UNESCO World Heritage List sites are located in the Kamchatka Peninsula, the most volcanic area of the continent.


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